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Hemant Birje, Jasmin, Sahila Chadha, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Satish Shah, Vijayendra Ghatge, Gulshan Grover, Rama Vij, Rajesh Vivek

Veerana Posterdirection:

Tulsi Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay


J.K. Ahuja


Shyam Ramsay


Omar Khayyam Saharanpuri

weird rating 6.0/10cinematography:

Gangu Ramsay


Bappi Lahiri

produced by:

Anjali Ramsay, Kanta Ramsay





release date:

run time:
156 minutes



Jasmine bathing scene from Movie VeeranaVeerana is a 1988 horror movie by the Ramsay brothers and has almost the same star cast as in rest of the Ramsay horror movies.This film landed in trouble with censors and was delayed for almost 3 years.The movie was then revised and finally the censor board passed it with an A certificate in the year 1988.

Though most of the actors in this film are Ramsay regulars the female lead in the movie jasmine is a fresh face.she has done a good job playing a possessed girl and also luring men.
Gulshan Grover in Movie VeeranaStarting from the bathing scene in the begining of the movie till the climax Veerana contains many erotic scenes mainly involving jasmine.There might have been a lot more in the original cut of Veerana before it was revised for the censor board.
Jasmine in black dress from Movie VeeranaVeerana starts with good pace and loses it in the middle part ;again tries to get pacy in the end.compared to the other Ramsay horror movies the comic element is not that annoying,can say Satish Shah did a descent job.Gulshan Grover who plays the servant more often peeping while jasmine takes bath,suits to the role.
Rajesh Vivek does more than justice the baba's role.Sahila Chadda looks cute but her role in the movie is less.Hemanth Birje tries to showcase his tarzan skills in the climax thereby rubbing salt to the already messed up climax.the only thing that remains in our mind after watching Veerana is jasmine.

Jasmine In VeeranaThe horror elements of Veerana are quite good and are well shot.The scene where kid jasmine kills her aunt is a notch up and elevates the mood of the movie.The atmosphere ,fog ,weird camera angles does a lot good to Veerana. The possession scene also tries to be scary? jasmine looks scary when she is possessed and sexy when is seducing and playful with men.

Veerana is about a witch Nakita and an evil worshipper who abduct men from the forest and kill them to increase thier satanic powers.
This has been a problem to the nearby villagers for years before the younger brother of thakur captures Nakita and executes her.the baba takes his revenge by making the spirit of Nakita posses young Jasmine.
Rajesh Vivek as Baba in Veerana
The climax of Veerana is a let down and everything is messed up.too much fighting scenes towards the end and the followers of the evil worshipping baba keep on coming.
The so much hyped Nakita when she finally gets in her own body does nothing exept wandering like a fool and she is killed within minutes!
Nakita did good when she possessed jasmine

Overall Veerana is a good watch if not the climax.Veerana can be easily trimmed out by 20 mins ,taking out the thakela guest house plot and all the songs except the first song!

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Jasmine bathing scene from Movie Veerana

Jasmine in black dress from Movie Veerana

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Jasmine in Movie Veerana

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Horror scene from Veerana

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Nakita witch from Veerana

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